The Road Trip Continues!

By the time we left Roswell, we realized that it would be super late when we arrived in San Antonio.  We considered stopping at a town before San Antonio, but decided to push on through.  Somewhere in between Roswell and San Antonio, we stopped at a convenience store and stocked up on coffee/junk food (no time for a real restaurant and there wasn’t much selection anyway) and we were on our way!  To help us stay awake (besides the coffee intake) we listened to various podcasts (one was called Risk).  The podcasts at times were very interesting, funny, disturbing, depressing, etc.


I also remember being able to drive 80 miles per hour on Interstate 10 to San Antonio.  It made us both a little nervous because the winds were gusting hard and we were afraid that we might blow off the road.  But even with all of the obstacles in front of us (exhaustion, high winds, lack of proper nutrition) we made it to San Antonio sometime after 2 in the morning!

Once we made it into town, we starting looking for accommodation that evening/morning.  Every hotel we called or went to was already booked!  We finally asked someone why all the hotels were full.  They replied that Fiesta was going on!  What the heck was Fiesta??


Turns out that Fiesta is an annual spring festival held in San Antonio that dates back to the late 19th Century!  They honor the memory of the battles of The Alamo and San Jacinto.  There is a parade, music, sporting events, etc.  Really quite a spectacle!  However, we were in need of a bed!  We finally found a hotel which happened to be down by the River Walk.  It was a little more expensive, but it was close to what we wanted to see the next day.  Just before 3 am we were finally laying our heads down to sleep.

We slept for a few hours, and then headed down to The Alamo!  It was free to get in, but we opted for the audio tour.  It’s crazy to think how many people died in that one spot…spooky…

It was very pretty though; I hadn’t imagined it being so green.  And I loved the architecture.  We couldn’t take pictures inside the building, but we were allowed to take pictures outside.


Gem stopped to make a wish in the well.


Then we both did a yoga pose in front of the building!



Our next stop in San Antonio was the River Walk!  Very neat place 🙂


Gem had to run into CVS to buy one thing…this was her receipt.  Shame on you, CVS…


Our tummies were starting to rumble so we started looking for a place to eat.  However, due to Fiesta most of the restaurants had a long wait!  We really wanted to try Charlie Wants a Burger, but the kitchen was so backed up that there was a long wait and even though they had many tables open we would have had to sit at the bar.  I didn’t really want to sit at the bar and wait (I needed nourishment now), so we decided to try our luck and keep walking.  Our luck paid off and we found that Boudro’s could seat us right away!  The food was pretty good and our waiter let us choose our own avocados for the guacamole 😉


After lunch we headed down to Corpus Christi to see my cousin, Kristen!  Once we arrived, Kristen and her boyfriend (Jed) drove us around Corpus.  Then we went out to dinner at one of their favorite places, Water Street Oyster Bar and Sushi Bar.  The food was pretty good, I had sushi!

The next day I was craving Mexican food, so Kristen drove us to a restaurant.  But we learned that most of the Mexican restaurants are closed on Sundays (this is something that I am dealing with currently in Paris…a lot of things are closed on Sundays).  We ended up eating at Snoopy’s Pier.  If I remember right, this was one place that Kristen’s family ate when they vacationed down there (before Kristen decided to make the move to Corpus), so it was neat eating where they had been before as a family.  We noticed that there was an ice cream place called Scoopy’s on Snoopy’s pier, but we were all too full to have any ice cream at the moment.

My goal before I left California was to build a sandcastle on the beach…this did not happen because we were too busy.  Gem knew that I had wanted to build a sandcastle, so when we stopped to get postcards she came up to me with a sandcastle kit and a kite (Gem had wanted to fly a kite).  We headed to the beach to fulfill our desires!

Did I mention that you can drive on the beaches in Texas?  Oh I didn’t mention that?  Well, you can drive on the beaches in Texas!  We drove down and found a spot to start setting up.


Gem opened her kite and got ready to fly it.  However, when she released it the wind was blowing too hard and ripped it from her hands.  Sadly that was the end of our kite adventure; it was now on to the sandcastle building.

We all really had no idea what we were doing, but I think it turned out pretty good!  Gem even added crop circles to highlight our stop in Roswell 🙂


After the beach, we were ready for some ice cream!  We headed back to Scoopy’s (Kristen had never been before either) and got some tasty cones!


That night we stayed in at Kristen & Jed’s place.  Jed went out and brought back tacos for us to eat and us girls watched a girly movie.  Sorry, Jed!  We really had no idea where the remote was at 🙂

While we stayed at their house we also got to play with their dogs (Zoey and Buster).  Zoey could literally play all day long!  So much energy 🙂  Gem tried to do yoga one of the mornings we were there, but Zoey kept dropping the ball in front of her and in her lap.  Needless to say, not much yoga was accomplished that morning.  Buster was sweet too!  One morning I went out to play with him and he kept rolling the ball to me and I had to kick it for him to fetch because if I tried to grab and throw I might have lost a finger.



Thank you, Kristen and Jed for letting us stay with you!  We had a fun time and hope to be back one day!

The next morning we got up early and made our way to Dallas/Fort Worth area.  I will save that for the next post though!  Have a great day and explore!


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