My Last Week In Missouri

After I dropped Gem off at the airport, I headed up to Karen and Neil’s (Andrew’s parents) house for the night.  Once I arrived, I started sorting through all of the items that I had dropped off a few days ago (some would come with me to France and the other items would be stored).  Karen came home a few hours later and we headed over to the garage to go through more things that we had left behind when we moved out to California 5 years ago (I am so thankful that they have helped us with storing items over the years).  We walked over to the garage a few times because we forgot the keys and then had to walk back (Karen was logging her steps for a competition at work, so this was okay – the more steps the better).  Needless to say, I ended up getting rid of most of the items in the garage and she made room in the house for the things we brought back with us from California.

When Neil came home that evening, I walked around with him while he did his chores.  I got to see the sheep and his horse, Bridgette.  We spent the evening visiting for a bit.  The next morning, I got up early to see Neil off to work (this was the last time I would see him for a while and I wanted to make sure I didn’t oversleep and miss seeing him).  Afterwards, Karen and I ran an errand in St. Joseph – we had to stop at the DMV.  Once our business at the DMV was finished, Karen headed to the nail salon and I made my way back up to Maryville.

That last week in Missouri was a whirlwind!  Tuesday afternoon, we ran errands around town.  While we were at the grocery store, we ran into several people from Energizer, Sheridan, and school.  That afternoon, my friend, Stacey stopped by with her little boy, Lukas (we had bumped into her sister, Kassie outside the grocery store so she knew to stop by).


That night, I got to see the girls I used to go out to eat with every laundry night while I was working at Energizer (my Mom joined us as well).  We went to La Bonitas!


On Wednesday, I stopped by to see my friend Jaime and her boy, Jaren.  Jaren is growing up so fast!   Afterwards, Mom’s friend, Karla stopped by to say hello.  She brought us some cheesecake and wine to celebrate!


We didn’t have much time to visit though because my Dad and I had to head over to Worth to see Dan, Bobbi Jo, and the kids.  I finally got to meet Renae! She is so cute :).  We visited with Dan for a little bit and I also played a game of horse with Anna and Aydan.  Once Bobbi Jo got home from her meeting, we drove over to see the work at the farm house that they would be moving into.  This house was previously Dan’s grandparents.  I’m interested to see how it will look once they get all the work done.  Before we left, we had to take a group photo 🙂


On Thursday, we had a visit from Kary and her little girl Arianna!  She liked Mom’s old desk.


And of course we took a selfie 😉


That evening, I met with some good friends from high school.  Most of us hadn’t seen each other in years!  We met at Carson’s in Maryville for dinner.  It was really good catching up with everyone and laughing about old stories 🙂


After dinner, I met Holly back at her hotel so I could say hi to Derrick and meet their dog.


Karen met me Friday afternoon to finish up things with the DMV.  I really appreciate her and Neil’s help with the car!  On Friday night, I took my nieces out for their birthdays that were in March and April.  I wanted to spend some quality time with them before I left, since we wouldn’t see each other for at least the next two years.  We went to 54th Street for dinner, watched The Amazing Spiderman 2, and had ice cream at Baskin Robbins!

IMAG3288 IMAG3292

We cruised the Belt for a bit and my oldest niece (Taylor) got embarrassed when we pulled up to a car of younger kids blasting their music.  I turned my music up to compete; maybe that’s why she was embarrassed 😉

The next morning, we helped move Clay into his new apartment.  He had recently just moved back from California (a month before me) and had found a job and place to stay (which was wonderful).

See!  He’s official 🙂


After we worked for a few hours, we ran up to Sheridan’s Frozen Custard for a tasty treat.  Love that place!  Saturday night, I stopped to see Tania and her two kids on my way back to Maryville.  I had never met either of them.  They were pretty shy, but it was still nice to see them.  Cute kids 🙂

Mother’s Day was on Sunday!  Mom and I went to Dairy Queen to get an ice cream treat for her and Grandma (of course I got one too, but we were celebrating their day :).).  That afternoon, Charles and Calee stopped by to hang out.  They brought the dogs with them.  Lily was pretty worn out.


Later Sunday evening, I went over to Margaret’s house.  We caught up for a bit and played with her kids.  I even got to see her husband, Greg!

IMAG3322 IMAG3316

Then I had to head home and finish packing – I was leaving for Chicago on Monday and then France on Wednesday!

I woke up Monday and finished up my packing.  I had two gigantic suitcases and a backpack.  We loaded up the car and headed toward Kansas City.  We made a quick detour to drop off my car at Karen & Neil’s (they are keeping it for us while we are gone).  It was raining really hard that day; I could barely see the road.  But we made it to their place, dropped off the car, and finally made it to KC.  We picked up Clayton and met Feruza and baby Mila at Jose Peppers for lunch.


After lunch, we headed to the airport.  It was sad to say goodbye to everyone, but we will see each other soon!

20140512_152704 20140512_152714

Once we said our goodbyes, I jumped on the plane and headed to meet Claudia in Chicago for a couple days.  Last days in America (for now) to be continued…


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