So after my cousin had been in Chicago for a decade, it only took me moving to France to get up the motivation to visit her.  I’m kicking myself for being so lazy.  Take my advice and try not to keep putting things off that you should do today.  I had been wanting and planning to visit for some time, but had just never found the right time.  But alas, I was visiting now and I’m very happy that I made the effort 🙂

CJ picked me up from the airport and we headed back to her place to get me settled for the next two nights.  We got a deep dish pizza at Gina’s East.

IMAG3379 IMAG3380

We ordered a pizza that was WAY too big for the two of us though!  It was pretty good though, even if I couldn’t order the spicy pizza since I’m getting old.

IMAG3381 10417016_10152164009608201_583814917684064053_n

The next day (Tuesday), we got up and had breakfast at Café Vienna.

IMAG3387 IMAG3383 IMAG3386

Afterwards, we walked down and took a boat ride on the river.

10444561_10152164010063201_8230338648866255725_n IMAG3399

It was a very windy ride, but a great way to see the city.

IMAG3404 IMAG3405 IMAG3408 IMAG3412

This is the Jeweler’s Building (formerly known as that anyway) and the dome on the top used to be a restaurant called the Stratosphere Lounge operated by gangster Al Capone.  This building is also featured as the Gotham City Courthouse in Batman Begins. IMAG3422

These are the “Corn Cob” apartment buildings.


The famous Sears Tower – now named the Willis Tower.


CJ showed me her favorite building in Chicago – The Tribune Tower.


I have to admit, it was a pretty cool building.  When you walk around the base of the tower, you notice that it has an awesome “collection” of famous fragments from around the world!  Such as, The Alamo, The Great Pyramid, Notre Dame de Paris, etc.

10301603_10152164010518201_718837684039910771_n IMAG3434 IMAG3430

If you’ve never seen the building, I definitely recommend taking a walk around it to check it out!

CJ has such style 🙂


This is the building from the movie Adventures in Babysitting!!  Great movie!!


We also walked down to see The Bean!

IMAG3455 IMAG3451

And then we had to get a Chicago Dog!  It was pretty tasty 🙂


There was this cool fountain (called Crown Fountain) in Millennium Park where the faces change every so often.  It was neat.


That evening we ventured out to meet some of CJ’s friends at a restaurant called Sticky Rice.  We got a little turned around during our walk there, so we ended up being incredibly late.  But, I got to see more of the city and walk past a creepy cemetery.

After dinner, while we were walking toward the train station, we noticed that the sky and moon looked amazing.  So we snapped these pictures.

IMAG3464 IMAG3468

The next morning, I woke up and got my things ready for the airport.  CJ called me a cab and I was on my way!


Next post will be my journey to France!


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