An Adventure with Family in Paris and Rome – October 2015

At the end of September, I made my way back to Missouri for my youngest brother’s wedding.  It was nice to meet his fiancée, Sara, and get to know her a bit.  I also had the opportunity to catch up with some dear friends and family and finally meet my sweet new niece, Eloise!  Below are a few pictures of my time back at home.

DSCN9668 - Copy DSCN9688 - Copy

DSCN9642 - Copy 12091283_10100523271532072_257181131584302183_o

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DSCN9679 - Copy DSCN9638 - Copy

As the days kept passing by, I realized that my Mom, Aunt Sharon, and Karla were really coming to Europe!  I mean, it was really happening!  I had been planning for so long, but it hadn’t really sunk in until a few days before we left.  On our way to the airport we had a bit of a mishap – Mom had forgotten to pack her dress for the Moulin Rouge.  We had a little bit of time so we ran to Dillard’s at Zona Rosa to try to find another dress.  Luckily we found one and saved the day!

0-search for dress 0-search for dress2

We made it to the airport at the same time as Karla so it all worked out perfectly.  Doyle told me not to lose Karla on the trip.  I had laughed when he told me, but later when we got to Charlotte we would see that he wasn’t kidding.  We lost her momentarily, but found her shortly after.  In Kansas City, we had a bit of trouble going through security (mom kept setting off the metal detector for some reason), but we ended up making it through just fine.  Here we are at the airport waiting for our flight!

1-at the airport

Here we are on the plane!

2-on the plane

The flight over the Atlantic went pretty well.  Once we got to Paris we had to take a bus to the terminal.

3-getting off the plane 4-getting on the bus

We were supposed to take EasyBus from the airport to the city center, but for some reason our bus was not there (the bus that was there was not due to leave for another hour and a half).  I eventually convinced the manager to have the driver go ahead and take the load of passengers waiting for their ride that was scheduled and never came.  EasyBus is a cheap way to and from the airport, but their service is sometimes totally unreliable.  I would only book if you have plenty of time.

Andrew met us at the bus stop and we made our way to the metro station.  Meandering through the metro with four other people who had luggage seemed a whole lot easier in my mind, but we made it regardless.

5-headed to metro 6-headed to metro

7-in the metro

Their flat!

7-z the flat

After we got the girls settled into their Paris apartment, we took a walk to visit Frame Truck.  Here they are walking through Champ de Mars.

8-walk through champ de mars

We visited Frame Truck for some delicious tacos.  Andrew’s sous chef, Ogier, even showed Aunt Sharon the inside of the truck!

9-food truck 10-food truck

The weather was a little cold out so we popped inside the restaurant to warm up with some lattes.

11-warming up with caps

Our next stop had to be to visit the most famous lady in town.  La Tour Eiffel.

12-tour eiffel 13-tour eiffel

The next item on our list was a boat tour, but we had to take a walk along the Seine to get there.  I really love walking along this river.  Apparently the girls thought about going for a swim…that is something that I definitely would not do.

14-the seine 15-the seine

16-the seine 17-the seine

Here are the girls posing with the Louvre in the background.

18-the seine with the louvre

We had to take a break near the Henry IV statue on Pont Neuf.

19-the seine with henri iv statue

Heading downstairs for our boat tour!

20-walking down to the boat

I think everyone enjoyed the boat tour.  It was a nice relaxing way to see some of the major monuments from the water and the weather was perfect!

21-boat ride 22-boat ride

23-boat ride 24-boat ride

26-boat ride 25-boat ride

27-boat ride 28-boat ride

29-boat ride 30-boat ride

31-boat ride 32-boat ride

33-boat ride 34-boat ride

35-boat ride 36-boat ride

After the boat tour I snapped a couple pictures on Pont Neuf.  The first is of the Conciergerie and the second is of the Eiffel Tower.  Paris is beautiful.  Andrew and I are so lucky to be living here, even if only for a brief time.

37-the conciergerie from pont neuf 38-the tour eiffel from pont neuf

Mom thought about trying the public toilets, this quickly turned into a no.  I’ll admit that they are not great, but if you need one in a pinch it will do.

39-will she use this toilet...nope

In between the tour and going home, we went to She’s Cake and picked up some cheesecakes to try.  Sephora was there and sent us home some savory cheesecake as well – that was so nice of her.  Here we are on our metro ride back to the apartment complete with entertainment.

40-metro ride home after shes cake 41-metro ride home after shes cake

42-metro ride home after shes cake

43-metro ride home after shes cake 44-metro ride home after shes cake

We decided to have dinner at home that night.  This consisted of wine, 8 different types of cheesecake (2 savory), apples, pears, bread, and baked camembert.  It was a delicious meal, maybe not the most healthy, but delicious.

46-snacking feast 47-snacking feast

45-snacking feast

We met the girls at the apartment on Sunday morning.  Mom came down to let us in, but forgot to bring the key to get back in.  Lesson learned 🙂

After we headed out of the apartment, we proposed a bike ride to Aunt Sharon.  She agreed to do it!  Doesn’t she look cute?  The other gals wanted to try it, but decided that it might be a little too difficult.  Riding on the cobblestone streets is a little challenging in itself.  Click here to watch the video of Sharon’s ride.

48-biking 49-biking


We had breakfast that morning at Le Suffren.  Mom was brave and asked the server where the toilet was in French.  The server was very nice.

51-breakfast at Suffren

After breakfast we ran into one of the runners in the marathon going on that morning.


On our way to the market, we popped into one of the patisseries.

53-checking out a patisserie

Market time!  During our market adventure, we found some kids books about Paris in English.  Mom didn’t like the fish smell.

54-market 56-market

55-market 59-market

57-market 58-market

60-market 61-market

62-market 65-market

63-market 66-market

67-market 70-market

71-market 76-market

72-market 73-market

74-market 75-market

78-market 79-market

80-market 81-market

77-market 82-market

I informed mom that “pain” in French meant bread and not pain.


Sharon bought some figs for us to try later.


These little poodles looked so cold.


Once we were finished at the market we made our way via metro to Rue Mouffetard.

83-metro to rue mouffetard 84-metro to rue mouffetard

This is one of the emergency vehicles.

85-emergency vehicle

Here are the ladies strolling down Rue Mouffetard.  All of the shops seemed to be open today; I had thought they were all closed on Sundays over here.

86-rue mouffetard

We popped into Dose Dealer de Café for some coffee.  They also apparently have Sexy Water.

87-coffee shop 88-sexy water

Finally we found ourselves at the dancing and live music!

89-dancing 90-dancing


We even convinced Sharon to dance with Michel.  She looked pretty good out there.  Click here to watch a little video.

92-dancing 98-dancing

93-dancing 94-dancing

95-dancing 96-dancing

97-dancing 99-dancing


Some of our friends (Katia, Martin, Al, and France) joined us on Rue Mouffetard to meet our family.

102-dancing group photo 103-dancing group photo

This is one of the buildings along Rue Mouffetard.


After the dancing we all went to lunch at one of the bistros.  Martin is with us too, he just took the picture for us.


We ordered escargot for the girls to try.  Did mom like it?  Click here to find out.

107-lunch 105-escargot

I also tried steak tartare for the first time.  It was actually pretty good.


Mom also tried the French onion soup and Andrew had the duck.

109-lunch 110-lunch

The girls look ready to seize the rest of the day!

111-rue mouffetard

These are the marvelous treats at Aux Merveilleux de Fred – we picked some up and tried them later that day.

112-Aux Merveilleux de Fred

Coffee break at Coutume Instituutti.

113-Coutume Instituutti

We walked all the way to Fontaine Saint-Michel!

114-Fontaine Saint-Michel

A guy was playing an erhu next to the fountain.  Click here to listen to him play.

115-Fontaine Saint-Michel

There’s Notre Dame!

116-Notre Dame

I love the architecture in Paris.

117-architecture 119-architecture_conciergerie

120-architecture 118-architecture

That night we went to a wine tasting at Ô Chateau.  It was a lot of fun and I think we all at least learned a little bit about wine.  For example, in southwest France a meal without wine is basically called breakfast.

121-wine tasting 122-wine tasting

123-wine tasting 124-wine tasting

126-wine tasting 127-wine tasting

125-wine tasting 129-wine tasting 128-wine tasting 130-wine tasting

My mom can be caught saying funny things pretty much all the time.  I think at one point I brought up dark chocolate and she responds to me with this:  “I don’t like dark chocolate, I like Hershey’s.  I know what I like.”  Oh, mom.  It was really hard to get her to try new things on this trip, but she did usually come around after lots of pushing.  We joked with them that the roles of parent and child were reversed this trip, especially at one point when the three ladies were on their phones at the table and Andrew and I were just looking at them.  I wasn’t sure where to write this in my blog, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget.

Here we are on the bus ride home from the wine tasting!

131-bus ride home

On Monday morning Andrew and I picked up breakfast on our way to their apartment.  Here we are outside their flat.

132-their apartment

Breakfast is served!  We had a pain au chocolat, bread with jam, apple, yogurt, and the figs Sharon picked up at the market the day before.


The Louvre was the next thing on our list that day.

134-the louvre 135-the louvre

This is the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel.  If you look in the middle you can see the Luxor Obelisk at Place de la Concorde and behind that you can see the Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile.  Sadly we wouldn’t make it up to the Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile up close this trip.

137-looking at Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel 136-Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel

Waiting in line to get into the Louvre.

138-the louvre

Below are all of our pictures inside the Louvre.  We got to see many of the things the girls wanted to see, but we were so tired by the end of it.  That place is massive!

139-the louvre 145-the louvre

140-the louvre 141-the louvre

142-the louvre 143-the louvre

144-the louvre 148-the louvre

146-the louvre 147-the louvre

149-the louvre 150-the louvre

151-the louvre 152-the louvre

153-the louvre 154-the louvre

155-the louvre 156-the louvre

157-the louvre 158-the louvre

159-the louvre 160-the louvre

161-the louvre 163-the louvre

162-the louvre 165-the louvre

164-the louvre 167-the louvre

166-the louvre 169-the louvre

168-the louvre 170-the louvre

172-the louvre 175-the louvre

173-the louvre 174-the louvre

176-the louvre 177-the louvre

178-the louvre 180-the louvre

179-the louvre  181-the louvre

182-the louvre

We are finished with you, Louvre!  Now we must head home to get ready for the Moulin Rouge!

183-the louvre

The elevator in the apartment building is quite small.  That is pretty standard for Paris.


We are ready for the Moulin Rouge!  I think we all cleaned up pretty nice.

185-moulin rouge 186-moulin rouge

Here they are on the bus ride.  Karla’s face cracks me up.

187-moulin rouge

In front of the Moulin Rouge!

188-moulin rouge

We did the dinner and show at the Moulin Rouge.  It was a little expensive to do, but definitely worth it in my opinion.  We all enjoyed the show and meal very much.  Mom’s mouth was dropped during most of the show.  I didn’t realize that the dancers would be completely topless (I was thinking they would have pasties over their nipples).  Mom’s comment about the show was priceless:  “Cannot believe how much I liked the itty bitty titty girls.”

189-moulin rouge 189-moulin rouge2

190-moulin rouge 193-moulin rouge

191-moulin rouge 192-moulin rouge

194-moulin rouge 195-moulin rouge

196-moulin rouge 197-moulin rouge

We took a taxi home from the show.  We managed to find one that could fit the five of us.  Mom got a little sick on the ride home because the driver was going fast, but I was able to tell him to slow down because my mom was feeling sick.  Yes, I told him in French.  I’m not fluent at all, but I get by.

198-moulin rouge

On Tuesday morning, we got a bit of a late start because mom was feeling a little nauseous.  I think it might have been a combination of the wine and the crazy car ride home the night before.  We rested at the apartment for a bit (I think it did us all some good) and then headed to the Eiffel Tower for a little photo shoot.  These girls were so fun to photograph!

199-photo shoot 200-photo shoot

201-photo shoot 202-photo shoot

203-photo shoot 204-photo shoot

205-photo shoot 206-photo shoot

211-photo shoot 207-photo shoot

208-photo shoot

209-photo shoot 210-photo shoot

212-photo shoot 213-photo shoot

Now we are in line to go up in the Eiffel Tower!  Going all the way to the summit!

214-tour eiffel 215-tour eiffel

At the 2nd floor!  In the 3rd picture you can see the Louvre.

216-tour eiffel 217-tour eiffel

218-tour eiffel

Here we are at the very top!

219-tour eiffel 220-tour eiffel

224-tour eiffel 222-tour eiffel

221-tour eiffel 225-tour eiffel

226-tour eiffel 227-tour eiffel

Sharon met a lady (from Canada) at the top who was also celebrating a birthday that month.

223-tour eiffel

These three are so cute!

228-tour eiffel

After we were Eiffel Towered out, we took a taxi to the Montmartre area.  On Karla’s pinterest request, we had lunch at Le Consulat.  This lunch consisted of vin chaud, a croque monsieur, escargot, and chicken.  I think the escargot is better here than at the first place and it is served in the shells!

233-le consulat 229-le consulat

230-le consulat 231-le consulat

232-le consulat

Wandering the streets of Montmartre.


I love this door.  It is one of my favorites in Paris.


These are some of the steps I could have made the girls go up.


This is the artists quarter.

235-Montmartre 239-Montmartre


In the distance we see Sacré-Cœur.


Mom and Karla look so cute walking together.


I spotted a street performer on the side of the building.  There are always quite a few around this area.


The ladies enjoyed visiting Sacré-Cœur.  The church is very beautiful.  In the first picture Sharon is contemplating life.  The steps of Sacré-Cœur are a good place to do that.

243-Montmartre 244-Montmartre

Tuesday night was dinner at Frame night!  Here are mom and I in front of the Eiffel Tower on our way to Frame.

245-headed to dinner at Frame

At Frame, the chef came out to greet us, and we had a pretty good view of the Eiffel Tower.

246-Frame 249-Frame

248-Frame 247-Frame


Andrew gave the girls a tour of the garden too.


The bartender came by and asked us our drink preferences and our favorite color.  He concocted different drinks based on those suggestions.  He did a pretty good job.


253-Frame 254-Frame

255-Frame 256-Frame



Then the food arrived…so good!  Dinner at Frame was amazing as always!  My husband is pretty awesome.

257-Frame 258-Frame

259-Frame 260-Frame

261-Frame 263-Frame

264-Frame 265-Frame

He took us all up to the 10th floor after dinner to see the Eiffel Tower at night.  A perfect end to a wonderful day!

266-Frame 267-Frame

On their last day in Paris, I took them to Notre Dame.  Here they are in the metro station, Cluny – La Sorbonne.  I like the ceiling at this station.

268-metro to Notre Dame

Notre Dame de Paris!

269-Notre Dame 270-Notre Dame

271-Notre Dame 272-Notre Dame

273-Notre Dame 274-Notre Dame

275-Notre Dame 277-Notre Dame

278-Notre Dame 283-Notre Dame

276-Notre Dame 279-Notre Dame 280-Notre Dame 281-Notre Dame 282-Notre Dame 285-Notre Dame  284-Notre Dame

286-Notre Dame 287-Notre Dame

This is Hôtel de Ville.  We passed it on our way to BHV where we did a little shopping.

288-Hôtel de Ville

After a little shopping, we took the metro to Palais Garnier to visit the beautiful opera house.  This was my third visit and I still love it.

289-Palais Garnier 290-Palais Garnier

291-Palais Garnier 293-Palais Garnier 292-Palais Garnier

294-Palais Garnier 295-Palais Garnier

296-Palais Garnier 297-Palais Garnier

298-Palais Garnier 299-Palais Garnier 300-Palais Garnier

302-Palais Garnier 306-Palais Garnier 303-Palais Garnier

301-Palais Garnier 304-Palais Garnier 305-Palais Garnier

The girls still wanted to do a little shopping after the opera house tour, so I took them to Galeries Lafayette.  Karla wanted to go to Chanel, but the line was so long.  The security guard did not like me taking a picture of the sign.

307-Galeries Lafayette-Chanel

Galeries Lafayette is such a beautiful building!  I was always intimidated to shop here, but I think I may come back sometime because the prices don’t seem as crazy as I had imagined.

308-Galeries Lafayette 309-Galeries Lafayette

Afterwards we made our way to our apartment – they were finally going to get to see the tiny place we inhabit.  There was a little market going on along Rue du Commerce.

310-Rue du Commerce 311-Rue du Commerce

312-Rue du Commerce 313-Rue du Commerce 314-Rue du Commerce 315-Rue du Commerce 316-Rue du Commerce

We did our laundry here!


I had bought some macaroons at Pierre Hermé in Galeries Lafayette and we sampled them with some wine.


After laundry was completed, we tried out the new crêpe place next to our apartment.  Karla ended up buying her cider cup because it said 1952 on it!

319-crepe place 320-crepe place

321-crepe place 323-crepe place

322-crepe place

That night the girls took the metro back to their flat all by themselves.  It was only two stops, but still an accomplishment.  I watched them walk all the way down the long hallway to the platform.  It felt strange not going with them.

On Thursday morning, we got around to go to Rome.  On the bus shuttle from the plane to the terminal in Rome, Sharon was already meeting other travelers.  She is a socialite!

325-meeting other travellers

Our flat in Rome was amazing!  The only downside was that even though there were three showers, you couldn’t all shower at once due to the lack of hot water.

326-our flat 328-our flat

327-our flat 329-our flat

331-our flat 332-our flat

330-our flat

Once we were settled in we walked around the neighborhood for a little bit.  We get artsy with our photographs sometimes.

333-area around our flat 334-area around our flat-we are artsy

We took a look at the bakery, Panella, which was just down the street from us.  Lots of neat and delicious things for sell.

335-Panella 336-Panella

337-Panella 338-Panella

339-Panella 340-Panella

That night for dinner, we opted to stay close to the apartment and tried Trattoria Morgana upon the recommendation of our host.  It was just downstairs from our flat.  All of the food was pretty good.  I really liked the ricotta cheese & spinach hand-made ravioli with butter and sage.

341-Trattoria Morgana 342-Trattoria Morgana

343-Trattoria Morgana 344-Trattoria Morgana

345-Trattoria Morgana 346-Trattoria Morgana

350-Trattoria Morgana 351-Trattoria Morgana

347-Trattoria Morgana

I told mom that she had to wait for everyone else’s food to arrive before she ate more.

348-Trattoria Morgana 349-Trattoria Morgana-I told her she had to wait to eat

I really wanted to try the tiramisu, but they were out for the day.  We went ahead and ordered some other desserts.  The cheesecake was tasty.

352-Trattoria Morgana 353-Trattoria Morgana

354-Trattoria Morgana

We decided to go for a walk after dinner and found ourselves at Ornelli.  Gelato and cappuccinos seemed like a good idea even though we had already had some dessert earlier.  We had to have gelato; we were in Italy after all!


356-Ornelli 357-Ornelli

Andrew and I went on an adventure to find milk and butter after eating our gelato.  We ended up finding butter at one store, but they were out of milk.  I took this picture on the way back to the apartment.

358-Rome-on our walk to find milk and butter

For breakfast, we enjoyed some of the bread, jam, and cake that mom had bought at Panella the night before.

359-breakfast at the flat

After breakfast we set out on a long walk to find our food tour group.  Mom was leading the way!

360-walking to food tour 361-Parco Del Colle Oppio

We passed through Parco Del Colle Oppio on our way.  This park is right next to the Colosseum.

362-Parco Del Colle Oppio 363-Parco Del Colle Oppio

364-Parco Del Colle Oppio 366-Parco Del Colle Oppio

365-Parco Del Colle Oppio 367-Parco Del Colle Oppio

368-Parco Del Colle Oppio

There is the beautiful Colosseum!

369-Colosseo 370-Colosseo

We came across this guy dressed up as a Roman soldier.  Even though Mom and Karla tried to kill him, he still showed them some love.


372-Roman 373-Roman


Another shot of the Colosseum…there will be many more.


Now we are back on the road…

376-walking 377-view of the tomb of the unknown soldier on right

We passed by some ruins on our way.  Ruins are literally everywhere in this town.

378-ruins 379-ruins

380-ruins 381-ruins

383-ruins 384-ruins

386-ruins 387-ruins


This is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

385-tomb of the unknown soldier 388-tomb of the unknown soldier

389-tomb of the unknown soldier

Here is a random statue.


We continued our quest…I spotted #23 along the way.

391-walking to food tour 392-23

We came up to one point and noticed that there were cats everywhere…and I mean EVERYWHERE!

393-cats 394-cats

395-cats 396-cats


This was a beautiful flower shop.  What a neat way to plant flowers!

398-flowers 399-neat planter idea

We had to cross the Tiber River (Fiume Tevere).

402-Tiber River - Fiume Tevere

Finally we made it to Antica Caffetteria!  This was our starting point for the food tour.  We decided to have a little snack before it started.  I loved the star shaped cookie!  I think it had coconut in it.

404-food tour meeting point 403-snacks before the food tour

Our guide, Eric, has arrived and we are ready to start the tour!

405-food tour 406-food tour

Our first stop was at Pasticceria Trastevere.  We tried the bignè, which is basically a cream puff.  It was really good!  There were lots of other treats in her shop that I wish we could have tried.

408-Pasticceria Trastevere 409-Pasticceria Trastevere

410-Pasticceria Trastevere 413-Pasticceria Trastevere

411-Pasticceria Trastevere 412-Pasticceria Trastevere

414-Pasticceria Trastevere

The next stop was at Antica Caciara.  Learning French has made me realize how similar other words are in different languages.  For example, cheese in French is fromage and it is formaggi in Italian.  Speaking of cheese, we sampled two different kinds, pecorino romano and parmesan reggiano.  I do love cheese!

415-Antica Caciara 418-Antica Caciara

417-Antica Caciara 419-Antica Caciara

The shop did sell more than just cheese.

420-Antica Caciara 422-Antica Caciara

421-Antica Caciara

Our third stop was one of my favorites – street food!  We went to I Supplì and tried the supplì, a fried rice ball.  It was so good!  Eric told us that the size of them was traditionally 1/3 bigger.

423-I Supplì 426-I Supplì

431-I Supplì

Porchetta was the next item for us to sample, so Eric took us to Antica Norcineria.  We tasted bread with roasted pork, rosemary, and pepper.

432-Antica Norcineria 433-Antica Norcineria

435-Antica Norcineria 437-Antica Norcineria

438-Antica Norcineria

The little old lady at the cash register was cute.

439-Antica Norcineria

Up until 1974 there were no supermarkets in Rome.  This is the San Cosimato Market.

440-San Cosimato Market 441-San Cosimato Market

442-San Cosimato Market 443-San Cosimato Market

444-San Cosimato Market 445-San Cosimato Market

We sampled some prosciutto with melon at one of the stalls.

446-San Cosimato Market 447-San Cosimato Market

448-San Cosimato Market 451-San Cosimato Market

449-San Cosimato Market 450-San Cosimato Market

The next stop was for gelato at Fatamorgana.  This was probably Mom’s favorite on the food tour.  I loved it as well and wish we could have went back a second time.  We learned how to find the real, best gelato in Rome – look for boring colors (for example banana should be white and pistachio a boring green).  Our guide said he remembered going to one of Fatamorgana’s original shops because it was near his grandparents.  I sampled the banana with lime and the pistachio lucano.  Andrew tried the ricotta, honey, & coconut – that one was delicious!

452-Fatamorgana - gelato 453-Fatamorgana - gelato

454-Fatamorgana - gelato 455-Fatamorgana - gelato

We always love walking through different cities and Rome was no exception.  It is a little dirtier than some, but I still think it is beautiful.

456-Rome on the food tour 457-Rome on the food tour

458-Rome on the food tour 459-Rome on the food tour

This bench is a cool way to repurpose an old barrel!  When we own a house one day maybe we can bring some of these ideas to life 🙂

460-Rome on the food tour-neat bench

Our lunch stop on the food tour was at Enoteca Ferrara.  This building used to be a convent.  We sampled three different pasta dishes (ravioli with ricotta and spinach, gnocchi with smoked cheese, and tonnarelli with black pepper) along with some red wine.

461-Enoteca Ferrara - stopping here for lunch 462-Enoteca Ferrara

463-Enoteca Ferrara

The tables in the restaurant were cute.

464-Enoteca Ferrara

After lunch we wandered through the streets to the next stop on our tour.  I loved the sign next to the restaurant that said, “We Are Against War and Tourist Menu.”

465-Rome on the food tour 466-Rome on the food tour-I like this sign

467-Rome on the food tour 468-Rome on the food tour

The next stop on our list was Innocenti.  Here we sampled two kinds of biscotti or cookies as we know them to be.  One was with lemon and apricot jam and the other was called brutti ma buoni which means “ugly, but good cookie.”


470-Innocenti 471-Innocenti

472-Innocenti 473-Innocenti

474-Innocenti 475-Innocenti


Beauty is everywhere.

478-Rome on the food tour 479-Rome on the food tour

The last stop on our tour was at Spirito di Vino.  The wine cellar in this building is older than the Colosseum (it was created in the 1st century B.C.) and it used to be a synagogue.

480-Spirito Di Vino 481-Spirito Di Vino

482-Spirito Di Vino 483-Spirito Di Vino

484-Spirito Di Vino 485-Spirito Di Vino

486-Spirito Di Vino 488-Spirito Di Vino

487-Spirito Di Vino

Upstairs in the restaurant, we finished our adventure with crème brûlée (served cold here) and sweet wine.  We learned that crème brûlée is actually an English dessert.  It was given the French name because French was the language at court.  Sharon doesn’t usually like crème brûlée, but she liked it served cold.

489-Spirito Di Vino 490-Spirito Di Vino

The food tour was an excellent start to our adventure in Rome!  After the tour we ended up going to another restaurant on Eric’s list called Da Enzo Al 29 to sample their tiramisu.  I was still craving it since I had been denied at the restaurant the night before.  We tried the tiramisu and the cheesecake I believe.  They were both good.

491-Da Enzo 492-Da Enzo

We were thirsty after all of our walking and eating so we decided to fill up our water bottle.

493-filling up water bottles 494-filling up water bottles

We crossed back over the Tiber River and onto Tiber Island.

495-Tiber River - Fiume Tevere 496-Tiber River - Fiume Tevere

497-Tiber River - Fiume Tevere 498-statue on Tiber Island

Eventually we made our way to a bakery in the Jewish Ghetto.  We were looking for a sort of unmarked bakery.  We spotted this place; inside it was called Kosher Cakes.  It looked semi-unmarked to us.  We bought some crème puffs for later.

499-Kosher Cakes

501-Kosher Cakes 502-Kosher Cakes

But then I spotted this bakery right next door!  It was definitely unmarked!  We had gone to the wrong one!  That was okay though because it looked like the unmarked one was out of everything and we knew we wouldn’t be back in this area anyway.  The crème puffs turned out to be good!

505-I think this was the unmarked bakery we were supposed to go to

Humans are so talented.  Just look at this architecture.

506-architecture 507-architecture

These are pictures of our walk back to our flat.

508-walking back to the flat 509-walking back to the flat

510-walking back to the flat 511-walking back to the flat

512-walking back to the flat-Roman Forum 513-walking back to the flat

514-walking back to the flat 515-walking back to the flat

Back in front of the Colosseum!


This is the Roman Forum!  The first picture is unedited and the second is the one edited by Google.

517-Roman Forum 518-Roman Forum edited

Sampling our crème puffs.

519-our treats from Kosher Cakes 520-our treats from kosher cakes

On Friday night we had dinner at Trattoria Pizzeria Vecchia Roma.  The chandeliers and sconces were really cool.  This place filled up quickly after we ordered and the food proved to be pretty good.  Mom and Karla really liked their pizza and I liked Andrew’s gnocchi.  It was funny because Mom thought she was ordering a slice of pizza and then a whole one came out.  We kept telling her it was probably one whole pizza, but she couldn’t believe it because the price was only around 7 or 8 euros.

521-dinner-Vecchia Roma 522-dinner-Vecchia Roma

523-dinner-Vecchia Roma 524-dinner-Vecchia Roma

525-dinner-Vecchia Roma 526-dinner-Vecchia Roma

527-dinner-Vecchia Roma 528-dinner-Vecchia Roma

After dinner I braved the dark and creepy metro, as Mom put it, to buy metro tickets for the next day.  She insisted on walking with me.

529-headed to get metro tickets

Saturday was Colosseum day!

530-Colosseo 531-Colosseo

There were so many stairs.


I loved visiting the Colosseum.  It is something that I have always heard about in books and movies, and to see it up close was amazing.  I never realized all of the specific details about it before.  For example, I did not know that the spectacles they put on in the arena were so theatrical and included things like trap doors and pulleys.  It was really just one big stage.  For one event an enormous whale was built and when the jaws opened out poured 50 bears!  It is crazy that events like that took place back then.  It seems that they were ahead of their time.  It was also very sad to think about all of the lives lost here for entertainment purposes and those possibly fighting for their freedom.


533-colosseo 535-colosseo

536-colosseo 537-colosseo

538-colosseo 539-colosseo

540-colosseo 541-colosseo

542-colosseo 544-colosseo


547-colosseo 548-colosseo

549-colosseo 550-colosseo


This is the cat of the Colosseum.  He did not want me to pet him.

543-colosseo 551-colosseo

Goodbye, Colosseum.  We will see you another time.


We are now headed to the Roman Forum.  This is the Arch of Constantine just outside of the Colosseum.

553-Arch of Constantine 554-Arch of Constantine

556-Arch of Constantine 557-Arch of Constantine

Watch your step on this road.

555-be careful walking

Here’s Mom and Karla in front of the entrance to the Roman Forum and also in front of the Colosseum.

558-headed to Roman Forum 559-colosseo

All of the following pictures were taken throughout the Roman Forum.  Being in Rome has reminded me a lot of Athens and that is probably because of all the ruins everywhere throughout the city.

560-roman forum 563-roman forum

561-roman forum 562-roman forum

565-roman forum 566-roman forum

564-roman forum