Paris (June 2015-February 2016)

It’s been awhile since I have actually posted about exploring Paris, so perhaps we will have a quick recap?

They finally started removing the locks on Pont des Arts.  However, the locks are already on a lot of the other bridges.  People need to find other ways to express their love without endangering bridges and throwing keys in the river…  It does look pretty on the surface, at least until the bridge is entirely covered in them and you know the facts.

There were goats in the  grass behind Les Invalides!

I love walking along the river and seeing everyone out enjoying the day.


Class is ending soon and a lot of people have already checked out early it seems.  It was a ghost town today!  Filter added for dramatic effect.


We visited Feriel at her temporary summer job at Freddy’s while she was back in town from Korea.

Enjoyed our class boat ride on the Seine!  Andrew got to come too 🙂

Molkky is so much fun!  We will definitely be picking up a set once we are back in the States (or at least have a more permanent home).


You constantly encounter performers around the city.  This guy’s act was intriguing…and also made you wonder…why?  Click here for the video.


We all went out to one last dinner with Feriel before she headed back to South Korea.  I really miss having this girl around!


I met Marie at the Champ de Mars for the horse riding.  It was packed when we got there so we decided to walk around and see the livestock.

We also popped into Frame.  Andrew showed her the garden.

Afterwards, we braved the crowd and watched a bit of the riding.  Click here for the riding video.


For free museum day (in July), we visited Musée national du Moyen Âge (formerly known as Musée du Cluny).

A nice picture of Île de la Cité and Musée d’Orsay.  I guess living in Paris isn’t all that bad.



I think this may be the narrowest house in Paris?  The one with the blue door.  Maybe…don’t quote me on it.  It might be the narrowest along the Seine at least.


The Statue of Liberty…in Paris!  Remember, our Statue of Liberty was a gift from France.


On July 9th, Andrew and I were walking around town when we heard a really loud noise.  We looked up and saw these guys flying over.  They were followed by many other large planes.  Turns out this was practice day for July 14th.


Amazing bubble tea is made at this place.

We also happened upon the Paris fire department training in the Seine (at least that’s what we believe was happening).  See the guy scaling the side of the bridge?  Click here to see the video of them jumping back into the river.


On July 14th, I went and watched the Military Parade.  It was an amazing show of power.  Video 1 & Video 2

That night I met some friends for the classical concert on the Champ de Mars.  We got there way too late (look at that crowd) and there was no more seating left on the lawn (you literally have to get there in the morning I think), so we opted for a side view.

After the concert, we headed to Frame to watch the fireworks.  I know the chef, so we got to head up to the 10th floor 🙂


Paris is a beautiful city!


I went with a friend to The House of Horrors ride at the Musée d’Art Moderne.  It was a very short ride, but interesting.


We wandered around the museum afterwards.  Check out this piece of art…slightly creepy.


Grandma’s friend/employer, Patty,  was in Paris!   We hung out for awhile.  Such a nice lady.

Frame Truck opened for business in August!


The Expat Magazine mentioned the food truck in their September issue and featured my photo!  I didn’t realize until Andrew pointed it out that they gave me credit – how cool!


Picnic in the park.


European Heritage Days!  We went to École Militaire.


For free museum day in November, we went to the Conciergerie (the old prison, Mary Antoinette was held her until her execution) and Sainte-Chapelle (beautiful stained glass).  I noticed that the guy in front of us at Sainte-Chapelle was Tom McGowan from Heavyweights!  I got to take a picture with him after thoroughly sticking my foot in my mouth.  I do not keep my cool around famous people that I think are cool.  Yes, Andrew, we would not have had this experience if you had left your Swiss army knife at home.

After the November 13th attacks, the city paid homage to the victims by lighting up the Eiffel Tower in the country’s colors.

12248375_10100543745816442_880719189_o (1)

We held our annual Thanksgiving party at our place later in November and carried on the tradition of “anonymous thanks.”


At the beginning of December, we toured a boulangerie.  It was a lot of fun seeing how the baguettes are made!  We also got to see them get their flour delivered.  A truck in the street hooks up a pipe from the truck to the inside and the flour is piped into the building.  It was pretty cool.  I also shot a few videos.  Enjoy!  Video 1Video 2Video 3

Later that same day, we walked to Place de la République to see the memorial.

We also walked by where some of the shootings had happened on November 13th (The Bataclan and La Belle Équipe).  It was so moving to see.  I still can hardly believe that it happened.

Thriller Zombies at the Christmas Market!?!?


Thanks for the gas mask.  Looks good, right?


Go Royals!


Mont d’Or cheese is amazing and extremely fattening…


I joined Andrew at Frame for New Year’s Eve.  Enjoyed my champagne.


I love walking home from class 🙂


We had our Galette des rois party again in January!   We had tea, cider, wine, and cake.  Geoff & Lili were the king and queen for the day.


This building is so cool!  I had seen it on Pinterest and finally stumbled across it.


Our class went to the Centre Georges Pompidou museum.  We only had a small glimpse.  I’d like to go back another time to check out the entire museum and give modern art a good shot!  The view from the top is one of the best in Paris!


After the museum, Enrique and I headed to Caro’s place.  Her cat, Ramon, is so cute.

Chinese New Year!  Year of the Monkey!  Best wishes to all for a healthy, happy, and prosperous year!







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