Luxembourg City – April 2016

Trains are becoming a part of our lives.  A life with no car has been weird, but amazingly we’ve gotten around without it just fine.  We took the train to Luxembourg for a quick overnight trip.  Luxembourg is a small country with a population of just over 500,000.  Since we arrived just after lunch, we decided to skip going straight to the apartment and go on a walking tour right away.  We took the Wenzel Circular Walk.  We started out near the Grand Ducal Palace.

I do love a good door.  This one is special though and was formerly a meeting place for the freemasons as our guide told us.


The views along the walk were amazing.  Up on the hill you can see the newer part of Luxembourg City.  The modern looking down on the ancient from a high hill…

We were taken on a quick walk through the Bock Casemates.  Luxembourg City was a fortified city and the casemates were one of the things they used to defend the city.  They had cannons placed inside and you can see in one of the pictures the holes in the wall where the cannons would have been faced out.  All of those cannons going off in that space would have been so loud!  We also were able to take the spiral staircase that led us underneath the street in the casemates.

Continuing our walk…Luxembourg City is a beauty.  They also have these “frames” placed throughout the city to help you frame your picture.

This is Plateau du Rham, the high ground overlooking the Alzette River.  It was a very strategic location and served as the main base for military barracks.  After the barracks were no longer needed, they were converted into different social institutions, specifically a nursing home.  The climb up to the top was tough…notice all the stairs…but it was worth it.

Here are a few more pictures to finish out our walk.  Our guide was very nice, but I was tired and frankly he was a little hard to hear/understand.  Plus, I get distracted.  Basically that means that I don’t have a synopsis for the photos and can only say that they are lovely.

We spotted another “frame” on our way to the apartment!  Since I was feeling sick, Andrew went out and picked up some Thai food.  It was very good, but so spicy!  Helped to clear those sinuses I suppose.


The next day, we decided to go on the self-guided Vauban Circular Walk.  The city is fairly small, so they don’t offer each tour every day, but they do have these nice pamphlets and signs posted along the trail to guide you.  I wish all cities did this!  There’s another nice view of the modern part of town.


Passing through Three Towers Gate…


This is a neat view down to the valley.


Here we are at the Vauban Towers.  In one of the pictures there is an elevator to take you up and down.  That is a nice feature!  We didn’t take the elevator though…  They also had a film that we watched in one of the towers.  You go inside, select your language, the shades lower, and your film begins to play!

Walking through the forest…

We made it to Fort Niedergrünewald.  Apparently it had an extensive network of underground chambers.  This seems to be the thing in Luxembourg City.  It would have been very neat to see before most of it was dismantled.

This is Fort Obergrünewald, along with a great view of the city from the fort.

Our last stop on the trail was at Fort Thüngen.  I had to use the restroom so we decided to take a walk through the museum too.  This tunnel apparently connects Fort Thüngen to Fort Obergrünewald.  However, it is only opened twice a day and we didn’t want to wait 2 ½ hours for it to reopen.

This is a neat way to park your bike.


We saw this statue from afar and didn’t realize exactly what was going on until we got closer…  No, they aren’t fighting…and do they really do it that way or is it a play on something?

Posing for pictures…

We chilled in Vallée de la Pétrusse for a bit until our train was due to take off.


When we did get to the train station, I went to check what platform the train was departing from.  Our train hadn’t been issued a platform yet, but I wasn’t worried since it was only 20 minutes away (from what I’ve learned, they usually tell you at 15 minutes before).  I did notice that we were taking the TGV train and that it said “train supprimé” in the column next to TGV.  I thought to myself that I had seen that word before and should know what it means, but instead I convinced myself that it must mean “super train” since TGV is a fast train, right?  Plus, it didn’t say TGV anywhere else on the list.  I went and got Andrew and we waited at the monitor for our platform.  He decided to double check the meaning of “train supprimé” and it is a good thing that he did because it really translates to “train cancelled!”  Whoops!  Don’t worry, it all worked out fine.  It turns out the train wasn’t coming here and we would have to go meet it in Metz.  No worries…it’s all part of travelling, gotta be ready for those twists and turns!  I kept laughing on the ride home thinking to myself, “super train.”  Ha ha ha!


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