Orléans – May 2016

We embarked on our 2nd day trip of the year to Orléans last weekend!  We arrived at the Les Aubrais station and decided to walk into the city from there.  We decided to pass through the cemetery on our way and noticed that the building just on the inside of the cemetery was full of cats!  There are only two visible here, but there were at least ten cats inside.

The symbol of Orléans!  Joan of Arc, or in French they say Jeanne d’Arc, is nicknamed “The Maid of Orléans” and she is a heroine of France.


We made our way into the center of town.

After breakfast, we took a walk through the Orléans Cathedral.  Joan of Arc attended evening mass in this cathedral while she was in the city to lift the siege.  The stained glass tells the story of Joan.  In this particular part it is depicting her death.

Orléans is very festive at the moment.  Maybe that’s because the “Fêtes de Jeanne d’Arc” is going on at this time.  We visited the sort of medieval market and watched some of the entertainment.  While we didn’t understand everything that was being said, we got the basics.  The little play was about a girl needing a doctor/dentist for her toothache.  Not quite sure what they meant by the drawing on the chalkboard…

They had horn mugs for sale (as seen on Game of Thrones)!  I’m not sure exactly where these are made.  I was sort of surprised to see Game of Thrones mentioned at the festival even if it was just at one of the booths.


This is a statue of Jeanne d’Arc at Place du Martroi.


We also were able to go inside the recreation of the place she resided at while in Orléans during 1429.  However, the only thing for us to do inside was to watch a short film about the heroine; the upstairs was closed.


Orléans is very picturesque.


We had lunch at Chez Jules.  The décor inside was a little interesting…sorry no pictures of the inside, but just imagine lots of dog figurines scattered throughout the restaurant.  The meal was pretty nice.

We passed by the Orléans Cathedral on our way to the tram.  We had decided to take the tram to Parc Floral de la Source.

The park was really beautiful!  We decided to rent one of the bike-carts to explore the area a bit faster.  We saw frogs, flamingos, a butterfly (papillon) house, and beautiful scenery along the way!  The bike-cart was a bit difficult to peddle (especially if we weren’t peddling at the same time), but it was fun!

Once we dropped off the bike-cart, we explored the rest of the park on foot.  We came across a little zoo area.  There were miniature horses, goats, sheep, peacocks, and other animals.  The alpacas were not out at the moment so that was a bit disappointing, but all of the others were cute!

We spent some time down by the Loire River eating ice cream.  I love being by the water.


A pizza vending machine of sorts?  We almost tried it, but decided against the idea.  I wonder what it would have been like…


Instead of the pizza, we opted for tapas!


Another shot of the Orléans Cathedral!  Andrew liked the two towers.


We spent the rest of our time in the city at the medieval market/festival.  There were more medieval characters entertaining the crowd.  They were showing two normal citizens what it would be like to wear the medieval clothes.  They also had knife throwing, sword fights, and dancing!  Video 1 (Throwing Knives 1) – Video 2 (Throwing Knives 2) – Video 3 (Sword Fight, sorry it’s sideways) – Video 4 (Dancing)

Isn’t he cute?  I may have forced him to take this picture…


We had a friend tell us that he thought New Orleans looks like Orléans.  Andrew thought that maybe some of these buildings would resemble New Orleans.  We will find out ourselves one day.

Goodbye, Orléans.  We had a lovely day!








One thought on “Orléans – May 2016

  1. Another great adventure! Good food, cat sightings, making Andrew dress up in costume! I would have enjoyed watching you guys riding that bike! Interesting buildings! So glad you are enjoying your lives! I enjoy reading about your amazing lives! Miss you both so much!

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