Copenhagen, Denmark / København, Danmark – July 2016

We escaped to Copenhagen to celebrate our 5 years of marriage! I guess I shouldn’t call it escaping because Paris is a pretty good place to live (actually I’ve liked every place we have lived so far). We met a nice family on the flight over. The guy was originally from North Carolina, but has now lived in Denmark for many years (he met his wife there). He and his wife gave us a few suggestions and their phone # in case we needed anything or wanted to get together. That was so nice! Once we arrived at the airport, we took the train into Copenhagen Central Station and walked to our apartment from there (I also heard that the metro is easy to take, but we didn’t go that route and I think it was the same cost anyway).

As we were walking we saw several people out on blankets enjoying the warm, summer night. There was also neat street art!

Andrew decided to go out for a beer, but I stayed in because I was tired and wanted to rest up for the next day.

The next morning we made our way over for breakfast and liquid fuel at Copenhagen Coffee Lab. The latte was so delicious! Plus we saw an interesting “face” on the side of a building on our walk to the coffee place.

We met our free walking tour group (Sandemans) at City Hall Square near the Dragon Fountain (which features a bull in combat with a dragon). The City Hall (opened in 1905) used to be the tallest building in Copenhagen, but now that honor goes to the Danish Parliament. There is also an astronomical clock inside of City Hall, but we didn’t go in to see it. The fastest gear completes a revolution every ten seconds and the slowest every 25,753 years.

There’s a burger chain in Copenhagen called “Cocks & Cows.” We didn’t check it out, but they serve cocktails!

14-cocks and cows burger chain

Magstræde is one of the two oldest streets in Old Town Copenhagen. It was created in the 1520s.

Here we have the equestrian statue of Bishop Absalon (the city’s founder – the fortifications he built would eventually become modern day Copenhagen).

18-bishop absalon statue

This is Nikolaj Kirke, formerly St Nicholas Church, which is now a Contemporary Art Center.

19-Nikolaj Kirke-formerly St Nicholas Church now a Contemporary Art Center

Hotel du Nord/Magasin du Nord…a little French influence.

20-Hotel du Nord

Nyhavn is a beautiful waterfront dating back to the 17th century. Not all of Copenhagen looks like this, but it is lovely nonetheless. This part sort of reminded me of Amsterdam. Our guide told us a story about the boat in the 4th picture. This was the Gedser Rev, a lightship that had been stationed about 10 miles off the East German coast. Many Germans in East Germany tried to escape the area and probably the most unique was that of Manfred Burmeister with his home-built ‘submarine scooter’. It was like something out of a James Bond movie and probably inspired some of the material. You can read more about his escape by clicking here.

We had to leave our walking tour a bit early because we had a food tour to get to! Our meeting point was at the Church of our Lady. Our guide, Cindie, started the tour out with a bit of history about why this building has two keys up in the corner. However, I do not remember that story one bit. Maybe someone reading this will know??

Our first stop on the tour was for some smørrebrød! We started with rhubarb and ginger schnapps which is only made in the summer time. Then our server brought us the components to make our own open faced sandwiches (or smørrebrød). The first was with curry, herring, & hard-boiled egg and the second was meatball with cabbage and cucumbers.



A nice old courtyard to sit and read a book…

If I remember right, this is the interior of the business school. However, the business school will be moving to a new location soon.

Niels Bohr, a Danish physicist who made contributions to understanding quantum theory and atomic structure. He received the Nobel Prize in 1922.

38-Niels Bohr

The Round Tower! It provides a good view at a small cost, but we didn’t have time to go up. We opted for a different, free view that you will see later.

39-Round Tower

I liked the carvings on this structure.

We made our way to Torvehallerne, a nice big food hall.

Our stop in the food hall included cheese samples (cow, goat and a blue cheese) and Creme de Cerise, a cherry liquor (this was super tasty).

We then tried hot dogs at Pølse. They had pesto on them and it was surprisingly tasty.

Many beautiful streets in Copenhagen…this is one.

53-pretty street

We popped into Grød for some porridge. I believe we sampled the barley-otto. It was very good, but it was getting fairly warm outside so hot porridge wasn’t really the best thing to be eating at the moment. Having said that, I still finished most of it!

For those of you that don’t know, Hans Christian Andersen was a Danish author and wrote many tales you might be familiar with including, “The Little Mermaid”, “The Ugly Duckling”, and “Thumbelina” to name a few. He is buried in this cemetery, Assistens Kirkegård. We had a shot of Malus Danica and sampled a chocolate licorice ball in his honor! The cemetery was very beautiful; I could have walked around for a bit longer than we did.

My dream came true when we stopped for ice cream at ISTID. The perfect answer to a hot day! ISTID makes their ice cream using liquid nitrogen. It was nice!

We also had flødeboller (a chocolate coated marshmallow) at ro chokolade. I thought this was a little bit too sweet for me or maybe I was getting too full.

Cindie took us to Karamelleriet to watch how they make the caramels. The caramel tasted good, but I’m not much of a caramel person anymore and neither is Andrew.

Our last stop was at Mikkeller & Friends for a couple beers. Their list of beers on the chalkboard reminded me of Brewberry in Paris.

Cindie hooked us up with a bike taxi back to Torvehallerne. It was fun! They guy kept trying to talk to us but it was hard to hear him when he was pedaling. I’m not sure how much it cost, but it would be fun to try again sometime.

79-bike taxi

Once back at Torvehallerne we wandered around the market a bit. This stove was cute and I should have bought some of this lip balm!

Andrew and I made our way to Kastellet, a star-shaped 17th century fortress. It still houses some military activities, but is mainly a park and historic site nowadays.

The Langelinie Lystbådehavns Bådelav marina – it would be fun to own a boat one day if that happens to be in the cards.

88-marina-Langelinie Lystbådehavns Bådelav

We found the Little Mermaid!

After posing with the mermaid, we started to make our way to Papirøe (Paper Island).  Along the way we saw St. Alban’s Church with the fountain outside then we saw Amalienborg with Frederik’s Church in background.

Andrew had to stop by Noma which was near Paper Island. He could only look and not taste. It didn’t matter anyway because it had been booked for months I’m sure.

Finally we were at Papirøe! Outside they had wishes on the trees. Inside there were so many food options! We settled on some Korean Street Food and juice. We wished that our stomachs were bigger so that we could have tried more items. The sun was going down and the light was blaring right where the warehouse with the food stalls were at – that was the only negative aspect of this experience (plus it was so crowded).  I also spotted some graffiti in the bathroom – they do love Thor here!

We still had some daylight left and were feeling pretty good so we decided to check out Christiania since we weren’t too far away. Christiania (also known as Freetown Christiania) is a green, car-free, and self-governing neighborhood in Copenhagen established in 1971 on the site of a military barracks. They don’t allow photos inside the neighborhood probably due to the fact that they sell a lot of weed. However, I had to snap a picture of the milkshake we had since it has probably been the thickest one we’ve had in Europe so far! While we were walking around the outskirts of the neighborhood, we spotted what we thought was dog poop, but it ended up being a slug!

A nice shot of Church of Our Savior by Andrew!

117-church of our savior

They had this sort of book/clothing/anything share box near our apartment. Very nice idea!

Some street art around our neighborhood.

Andrew enjoyed a beer each night at our flat. Much cheaper than having at the restaurant!

On Friday morning, we had breakfast at Café Dyrehaven. Delicious!

Then we went to the National Museum of Denmark. We were mostly interested in all of the Viking items. We were a little tired and there was no audio guide so we got a bit tired after a couple hours. It was interesting though!

Outside of the Parliament was a piece of art titled “Unbearable” depicting our negative impact on the environment. It was designed for the COP21. We need to wake up and start caring about our planet!

136-Unbearable-artwork for COP21

The Stork Fountain.

137-Stork Fountain

Børsen – the 17th Century Stock Exchange – cool building.

Since the Parliament was temporary closed, we went back to Torvehallerne for some lunch. We tried some smørrebrød and juice.

We also had coffee and ice cream at The Coffee Collective!  This ice cream was THE BEST!!

We headed back to see if the Parliament elevator was working. Luckily it was up and running and we got to go up and enjoy the free view! We could even see the Turing Torso in Malmö, Sweden!

I forgot to put on sunscreen today so I was hanging out in the shade until the light turned green.

163-in the shade

Copenhagen has a couple amusement parks. One is in town, called Tivoli. This amusement park inspired Disneyland! We didn’t have time to check it out, but some people we met said that it is a bit darker than the Disneyland that we know.

I loved these…

166-love these

We took our host’s bikes out to meet the family that we had met on the flight a couple days before. Together, we enjoyed pizza near the river and they also treated us to some local ice cream. It was a great night! Their kids were so sweet and made me into a fairy.

On our last day in Copenhagen, we made it a point to go back to The Coffee Collective for a latte and ice cream…I did not share my ice cream and Andrew did not share his latte haha.

178-the coffee collective

The bike system in Copenhagen seemed pretty cool. They come equipped with GPS! Maybe something for someone to check out if they need a bike…we were lucky because we already had them available.

179-copenhagen bike rentals

We made it to the market in the Meatpacking District near our place for lunch! At first, we couldn’t see all the trucks so luckily I decided to walk around the back to be sure and it is a good thing I did. There weren’t as many options as the website had said, but still a good variety. First round we tried some tacos and smoothies. Then we tried some Peruvian cuisine and after we had ice cream at ISTID. It was a very nice, filling lunch.

Copenhagen was a lot of fun and the weather was great for us! Can’t wait to go back one day!


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