Paris et Île-de-France (Jan. – July 2017)

January 2017

We spent New Year’s Day morning at home drinking mimosas, eating black eyed peas, and watching The Big Bang Theory. It was a good morning until Andrew got sick. Not sure if it was the mimosas or something else, but it seemed to only last for one day.

1-new years day mimosa and black eyed peas and big bang

I spotted these adorable kids while I was walking around. So sweet.

2-so cute

We ended up not having a Galette des Rois party this year, but still decided to have one just for us. I found the fève, but decided to share my crown 🙂

Later that month, we went to The Moose to watch the Cowboys playoff game. They lost (as usual when I watch), but it was a good game and good poutine.

Hot chocolate at Berthillon! It was great for a January day.

We also went over to the church steps used in Midnight in Paris. It was only 6:40pm so we didn’t catch the midnight ride.

For the 10 year anniversary of our 1st date, we decided to make a day of it. First we went to Fragments for breakfast and coffee.

Then we walked around Paris and ended up by les Arènes de Lutèce, an arena which are remains from the Gallo-Roman era.

We stopped and had a crepe at Chez Suzette and some choux at La Maison du Chou.

More walking around and eventually we made it to Angelina for hot chocolate and a patisserie item. The hot chocolate is pricey, but it is good! Can’t believe we have already been together for 10 years!

I love Pont de Bir-Hakeim! In case I haven’t already mentioned, it’s the bridge from Inception.

February 2017

I made it to the Chinese New Year parade this year! Year of the Rooster!

I shot some videos too, they are mostly short little tidbits: Video 1Video 2Video 3 – Video 4 – Video 5 – Video 6 – Video 7 – Video 8 – Video 9Video 10Video 11Video 12

Andrew made us breakfast for Valentine’s Day.

29-v day

I did a bit of dog sitting this month. Such a funny dog!

At the end of the month, we had an Afternoon Tea Catan Party (not pictured: delicious scones). Luckily, the people I was dog sitting for let us have the party at their place which allowed for significantly more room. We had fun! It did get awkward later once the dog proceeded to hump his bed in front of everyone haha

March 2017

Small manifestation near Les Invalides. It was the doctors and nurses, I believe.

36-nurse and doctor manifestation I believe

In the European Union, the cigarette packs don’t look as pretty as in other countries. I think that’s okay.

37-cigarette packs

Finally having lunch at Ducky’s! It was pretty good and the owner was friendly.


Now we know where to get horse meat close to our house if we ever choose to cook it at home…

39-horse meat

Spent the day strolling along La Promenade Plantée.

Walking around my neighborhood – I like this building.

45-walking around my neighborhood

I walked out to the river the next morning and noticed that there was something on the Statue of Liberty. I decided to get a closer look. The lady was now equipped with a t-shirt that said ‘Présent!’ and what appeared to be a foam finger. This represents a call for solidarity in the framework of the French Presidential election. The first round of voting was coming up next month!

Beautiful cherry blossoms near Cambronne!

April 2017

On my evening walk near the river – not a bad view. I like the mix of old and new.

50-evening walk

Andrew and I took a trip to Provins to see if it would be worth it to take Kristen when she arrived later this month. The verdict turned out to be a big fat yes! Such a cute town!

When I heard that Mission Impossible 6 was going to be filmed partly in Paris, I never thought that the filming would be in our neighborhood, but it was! Hopefully we can spot the location when we watch the movie.

61-MI6 filming

There’s really nothing exceptional about this metro station, but look at how high my strand of hair is in the photo haha

62-metro and flying piece of hair

Cherry blossoms at Parc de Sceaux!

We were able to visit a filming location used in Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2. This was used in the oil scene. I can see why this was used for the Capital – it’s definitely futuristic looking! It’s just outside of Paris in the Noisy-le-Grand area.

This bbq place wasn’t really that great (fairly good meat and not so good sides), but their shirts are awesome! Smoke meat everyday…ahahahahaha

75-nice t-shirt

Nice carving at Bois de Vincennes. I think this was Andrew’s first time seeing it!

76-walking bois de vincennes

We had dinner one night with Caro and Joris. He brought some wine from his uncle’s vineyard and I made a (very late) cake for Andrew’s birthday last year. The wine was good and the cake wasn’t bad either.

Our preferred bakery down the street had a Paris Brest made with pistachio. I approve.

79-Paris Brest Pistachio

Jardin du Luxembourg is fairly large, but I can’t believe we had missed this fountain until now. Looking good, la fontaine Médicis…a bit creeperish though.

80-Jardin du Luxembourg-La fontaine Médicis

I finally received my new titre de séjour. That means we’re legal for the next 4 years! Naturally, we celebrated with ice cream. Luckily I don’t always look gross like in my card photo haha.

My cousin, Kristen, visited us in April! We had a lot of fun with her and wore her and ourselves out by taking her all over Paris and then some, including Parc de Sceaux, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, Frame, Provins (Caro joined us there), Noisy-le-Grand, and then some. We finished off the visit with a nice game of mölkky in the park and dinner at home.

I checked on my friend’s cat for a few days while they travelled to Italy. They told me she may hide the entire time I was there, but she was in my lap in a matter of minutes 🙂 She also liked rubbing up against my shoes – take a look.

Their apartment was in Montmartre. I didn’t mind the climb up there.

May 2017

Final round of the French Presidential election coming up!

Side note – spotted a werewolf at Les Halles and Andrew thought doing this to me was hilarious. No photos, only videos.

Frame Truck is back in business today. This year they are serving burritos (along with other food items) instead of tacos.

119-Frame Truck is back

I ran across Pagoda Paris on my walk home from Montmartre one day. I’m not sure yet if it is always open to the public to visit. Need to do a little more research.

120-Pagoda Paris

Our friends brought us back a bottle of Chianti for checking in on the cat.

121-gift for cat sitting

I prepared a colorful breakfast this morning. Aunt Sharon would be proud, I hope.

122-colorful breakfast

I do like hanging out at Matamata in the mornings when we get the opportunity.


We took a day trip to Meaux. Near the office of tourism, we took a walk through Jardin Bossuet and even spotted one of the Brie cheese heads!

Later we walked a bit through Parc Naturel du Pâtis and ate a sweet treat (don’t remember the name) by the river. We even spotted a beaver!

Eventually we headed back to the Office of Tourism. We walked through the Brie museum and sampled some of the cheese too.

That night, we rode la Grande Roue at Concorde. It really is nice to see at night.

More Mission Impossible 6 filming! This time they were on the side streets off of Rue Dauphine.

Nohemi invited us over for her birthday taco potluck (Andrew had to work sadly). I decided to make flan canelés using her mom’s recipe and our mold.

153-flan canelés for a birthday party

Mom mailed us a package with mugs and a bag earlier. Here I am enjoying some hot chocolate in our new mug. Merci!

154-enjoying the mugs mom sent us

Caro is so talented! I love watching her work.

155-Caro is such a great talent

Our monthly Navigo pass was about to run out so we decided to take a trip out to Rambouillet (a park southwest of Paris). It is huge so we didn’t really get to see much, but enjoyed relaxing.

I had never noticed this plaque before, but it is located on Rue Montorgueil. It is honoring two gay men who were burned alive in 1750 in Paris as punishment for the “crime” of homosexuality. This was the spot where the couple was arrested. This was the last time gay men or lesbians were sentenced to death in France due to their sexual orientation. The world was and in some ways is still so messed up.

163-memorial plaque on Rue Montorgueil

I caught Andrew up on the Twin Peaks TV series and lucky for us they rereleased the movie in theatres. Now we just need to wait to watch the 3rd season.

164-twin peaks fire walk with me in Paris

I made a secret trip to Provins at the end of May to get Andrew some beer for his birthday. They did not have Tank 7 in stock, but I picked up some other brews. I was also able to walk around the town as I waited for the store to open. Found a home that Jules Verne frequented (it was his aunts home).

Lovely street art on our own Rue de la Croix Nivert! Simple, but we loved it. I feel that way most of the time…

171-street art on Rue de la Croix Nivert

My birthday cake! Andrew’s take on tres leches.

172-my birthday cake

June 2017

We met Katia at La Recyclerie for lunch. The food was okay and they had so many chickens out back!

I came across this manifestation. This time it was for the protecting the wolves! Yes!

175-manifestation for saving the loups

Modeling Andrew’s underwear given to him by one of his cooks. I think it fits me better and oh so Americana.

Date with Andrew at O Coffeeshop.

178-O Coffeeshop

I do love walking around Paris. This is near where I dog sit. Also, the dog really had to go pee that first night we were with him. He pulled me all the way down 4 flights of stairs!

We tried a new boulangerie this month. Legay Choc! La baguette magique!! We took them to Matamata to stick them in our mouths. Andrew is smirking because he thought I was waiting to take a photo of him eating it. I would never…

181-Legay Choc

This flavor is da bomb! Thank you to Megan for bringing it to my attention.

185-delicious flavor

Paris became the backdrop for the Olympics over the weekend. I hope that they get to host 2024. That would be neat and probably a nightmare at the same time.

The last weekend of June, we went to experience Les Médiévales de Provins. They charge a cover to get in, but I think it is worth it anyway. It was so fun seeing all of the different costumes and trying different types of food.   Video 1Video 2Video 3Video 4

The sequence of these photos…hilarious!

We’ve told ourselves that we need to try more of a variety of French pastries/patisserie items.

I made a cherry pie for Andrew’s birthday this year! It was my first time and I didn’t think it turned out that well, but Andrew said it tasted good so I suppose that’s okay.

I hung out with Caro and Joris at Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. I tried slack line for the first time. Hopefully I’ll be able to walk the entire line someday.

Not a bad shot of Pont Alexandre III if I must say so myself.


July 2017

July was a month for picnics. The first one was shared with Megan, Erica, Al, Martin, and Sara. The sunset was beautiful and there was way too much food.

229-picnic with friends

Random video – it down poured one night! It was like we were in Myanmar or something. Several metro stations had to be closed down.

Spotted lego R2D2 at Les Halles!

230-lego R2D2 at les halles

Picnic #2 was with Andrew, Katia, and Braxton (he was visiting from KC). So much fun!

Paris, you are so beautiful and some of your movie theatres are so tiny!

Le 14 juillet at the Pullman! Click here to watch a short video.

I did a walk with Leslie and this building used to be (and maybe still is for all I know) a brothel.

240-this was a brothel

This is a nice one to end on – J + A.



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