Paris (August 2017 – December 2017)

August 2017

We went to Caprice Café to celebrate Keri’s birthday. It was our first time seeing Donna perform and the birthday girl also got up there for a song (or two or three). We made a mental note that we need to go there more often for the Friday night jazz.

8.1-Keri's birthday

Later that month, we got together at Nava’s for some good food. Here I am with their bunny, Vanille. I also played the memory game with Emma and her rocks. I think Adrian also showed us a magic trick and he got me! I didn’t see the fake roach at first, but once I did, I jumped! Oh, and Emma remembered us line dancing so she wanted to do it again and once again sneaky Andrew filmed it! Click here to see an awkward me dancing.

While walking home one day, I spotted this street art. It looks like it might be the same person from Lyon. Cool!

8.4-street art

Cat sitting Nina. She’s a funny cat. Look at what she does to her feeder – click here.

8.5-cat sitting

Andrew and I decided that we need to get out and eat more. Our first new restaurant of the month was Massawa. They serve cuisine from Eritrea (Érythrée in French), a country in Africa. They don’t use utensils so we had to eat everything with our hands. The food was pretty good! We really liked the entrée. I think it was a lentil salad.

A bit of street art.

8.8-street art

Our second new restaurant was Saïgon Panthéon. They serve Vietnamese food. The dishes were very nice.

Flour delivery in the 15th! The guy might be carrying in sacks of flour, but it is also coming in through that hose.

8.12-flour delivery

Ratified. There are a lot of rats in Paris. #truth

8.13-street art

I took Divna, Dusan’s wife, to Rue Mouffetard. I made her dance with Tiffany haha. I think she enjoyed herself though!

8.14-rue mouffetard with divna

September 2017

I saw this product at the Japanese épicerie. Too funny.

9.1-funny product name

Continuing our devotion to sampling French patisserie items. One of them had cardamom if I remember correctly. So good!

On the first Sunday of the month, we went to le musée des arts et métiers for free museum day. They have a mini statue of liberty outside. It’s funny and a bit sad to see floppy disks in a museum. They have Clément Ader’s Avion III, the aeroplane inspired by the design of a bat (this was test-flown 13 years before the Wright Brothers). So cool!

I went to a movie premiere at UGC Les Halles for The Party. I really enjoyed the film. They had one of the actresses and the director there to answer questions afterwards.

9.9-the party premiere

Andrew had lost his camera back in January, so we finally decided to get him a new one. Here are a few test shots.

In one of the shops we found liquor from Platte Valley! What?!

9.12-now that's close to home

IT is coming… It’s funny when you try to tell someone about the movie IT in French. You tell them you are going to see ÇA and they think you are talking about Saw. Oh boy…

For European Heritage Days, we decided to go check out le Musée du Vin. It was pretty cool…no tastings available to do though. They had this drinking cup/doll that was used in Nuremberg, Germany in the late 16th century. It allowed one man and one man to drink together. When the doll is turned upside, it becomes a beaker for the man and the smaller cup swings around and can also be used by the woman for drinking. I guess they didn’t think of drinking as ladylike. Not cool.

Paris will host the 2024 Summer Olympics!

9.19-Paris 2024

Saw a few army guys outside our window today.

9.20-soldiers outside our window

The massage place down the street from us has to specify that their services are “NON SEXUEL.” No happy endings here.

9.21-non sexuel

October 2017

There was a post on FB about a girl needing beta testers for a Paris scavenger hunt. I sent her a message and I was selected to participate. It was a lot of fun! I already knew some of the facts about Paris, but I learned some things too. We even had time for Berthillon and also saw them putting in some of the art installations for La Nuit Blanche. The leader of the group, Stefanie, was really nice. I hope her business is successful!

Andrew and I decided to check out a bit of Nuit Blanche. Most of the things I wanted to see had already closed down, but it’s still so nice to walk around Paris at night.

Since Andrew had missed the scavenger hunt, I decided I would take him through some of it myself. I showed him the Maison de Nicolas Flamel and some street art (window scenes).

Another example of street art (from a different day and down Rue de Vaugirard if I am remembering correctly).

10.8-street art

This door may look like it leads somewhere, but it is just a façade. 1 Bis Rue Chapon does not lead to the specialists. The fake door was installed in 2006. Stefanie told me about this one. It was just down from the coffee shop we had met at. Pretty cool! The façade was an installation created to represent all the common, but potentially mysterious doors and gateways that exist in cities everywhere. This was supposed to be temporary, but it’s still there.

10.9-street art

I got sucked into that 7 days, 7 photos in black and white. I shot more pictures than I posted. They vary from our apartment, to the market, metro, old train tracks, etc. Please enjoy!

Andrew took two weeks off in October to just stay around Paris! He kicked off his vacation by making a lot of jam.

10.23-andrew making jam

One day we decided to visit Le Cimetière des Chiens et Autres Animaux Domestiques. It was neat to walk around, but I didn’t realize until we had arrived that there was a small fee to walk through. We did enjoy ourselves, but I think the fee was a little too high.

This clock (Le Défenseur du Temps) doesn’t work anymore, but it is cool! I hope they fix it! The guy has to fight the lizard, rooster, and crab. That would be something to see.

10.32-Le Défenseur du Temps

I like this bit of street art and I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve already posted it in a blog already.

10.33-street art

We found this lovely Moroccan bakery near our place. Need to make it back to La Gazelle d’Or soon!

Did a quick walk on La Petite Ceinture. The city has opened up sections of the old railway to the public.

We did a Paris at night tour to hear about some of the city’s dark stories. In the first picture (not sure if you can see it), but there is a flock of birds flying in the light. It looked pretty strange. The tour was okay and we saw some rats and our guide pointed out some carvings on the doorway of Notre Dame (showing the sins being weighed). There was also a fire performer outside of the cathedral. We also found the little boy on the Fontaine Saint Michel.

L’Eglise Saint-Vincent de Paul.

10.44-before le manoir de paris

It had been awhile since we’d been to a haunted house and we wondered if they were different in Paris. We decided to go to Le Manoir de Paris (I think they do this year round too). Turns out it is pretty much the same, but creepier if they don’t speak English. However, they give you a glow stick if you request English (we did), but I don’t really think it’s necessary. A little boy was so scared that he didn’t even make it into the haunted house. I felt so bad for him – the actors sensed his fear and fed off it!

After Le Manoir, we had dinner at Distrito Francés. I learned about this place after going to the Mexican Movie Festival with Nohemi. Their tacos were pretty good! For Paris anyway 🙂

Since Nava and Élody’s kids were on break, we were able to meet up with them for a picnic and mölkky at the park. The kids also wanted to play tag (or cat and mouse as they say). It’s basically hide and seek and tag all in one. Kids have a lot of energy…whew.

10.49-Mölkky with Nava's kids

We played a lot of Catan with Nohemi and our other friends before she moved to London.

10.50-so much catan

Andrew’s hair is getting long and I love it. He’s starting to look like a mob boss and will probably kick my butt when he sees this picture hehe.

10.51-the boss

We went to a fancy dinner at Loiseau Rive Gauche. It was pretty good and a lot more food than we had expected! Creative dishes. I liked the dessert that looked like a rock and they served it with an actual rock.

Comic Con Paris was fun! We really enjoyed the Stranger Things setup, seeing all the costumes, playing beer pong (minus the beer, plus I have to say that I was a pro even though I’d never really played before), and getting to listen to one of the panel discussions (Andrew loved seeing Finn Jones from Iron Fist and Game of Thrones). We’re thinking about going next year if we’re still here and not busy.

Nohemi had given us a lot of stuff from her pantry, so Andrew decided he wanted to invite her (and Katia) over for dinner using some of those products. This was the result of his efforts.

On the last day of the month, we went to Salon du Chocolat. We ate so much chocolate. I was actually a bit sick of chocolate by the end of the day, but it was amazing! We went to two of the workshops and bought some goodies to have for later. The workshops were so cool, but fill up quickly! The chocolate cigar was pretty neat too!

This metro stop was decked out advertising Stranger Things 2.

10.96-Stranger Things

I had picked up a mask at Comic Con from the movie Happy Birthdead (or Happy Death Day in the US) and decided that I wanted to wear it down to the dinner we were having at La Véraison. Andrew took a few photos of me leaving the apartment and walking up to the restaurant. The chef was cool and even took a photo with us (one with mask too). The dinner was great too!

My quench for creeping people out with a mask on wasn’t satisfied yet so we decided to do a small tour on Metro Line 6. It was so much fun! People do dress up for Halloween in Paris, just not like in the US and it’s mostly younger people (who might actually be expats anyway). We probably only saw 5 others in costume and they were together. Such a great month! October is my favorite 🙂

November 2017

Our friend, Feruza, came to visit us! I’m still sort of in shock that she actually came. She wasn’t just all talk after all hehe. She stayed with us at our flat, so it was a very cozy stay for her and us. We took her to the market, rode the metro, saw the Tour Eiffel, played Catan, rode bikes, ate yummy Mont d’Or, went to a jazz show, and did/saw many other things.

We also took a day trip to Provins. Click here to see us being dorky.

I cut my hair shortly after Feruza went home. How do you like it? The hairdresser straightened my hair, but as you can see in the second photo, it’s back to curly (or maybe wavy)!

I love the red.


One of our friends (Joris) was interning at l’Assemblée nationale. He gave us a behind the scenes tour. The library was great! It felt like something out of a movie. We also got to look down on the delegates when they were on their break. Not sure if we were supposed to do that, but we didn’t get in trouble so I suppose it was okay.

Mont d’Or and Stranger Things 2.


One day we were able to have lunch at Yam’Tcha. We had some bao buns and a passion fruit dessert. While we were sitting there the guy next to us said that our dessert looked good. I offered him and his friend a bite (this is not common to do anywhere and especially not in Paris). The guy asked us where we were from and we told him Missouri. It turned out that he was from Jefferson City and had lived in KC for a while. The guy is a professional trumpet player and still travels back to KC for shows, but lives in Paris now. His friend is a barista and they told us about a jazz show that afternoon at La Fontaine de Belleville. We decided to check it out. It’s a nice place, but a bit far from our apartment.

Video 1Video 2

My morning walk after walking with Andrew to his work. I never noticed I could see Sacré-Cœur from this bridge.

Andrew’s Beery Christmas has arrived! We started a bit early since we were going to be out of town for a few days in December. It was fun discovering the new beers each day.

This year, we opted not to have Thanksgiving at our place. Instead we went to a friend’s place. Margaret and Guillaume did a great job! I am still craving those sweet potatoes. It was nice to relax for a change and just enjoy.

Getting cold enough for frost…will Paris actually be covered in snow this winter? I know Andrew wants that to happen! We can’t move home until that happens haha.

11.52-cold enough for frost and a bit of snow

December 2017

This is the Christmas Market near Les Halles. Le Père Noël! We also had a raclette sandwich.

I saw on FB that there was going to be a Norwegian Christmas Market. It was tiny and not really worth it (even though it was free, the queue was long), but I’m glad that I know what it’s about. We had some cake, cinnamon twist, and mulled wine. The cake was good!

12.2-Norwegian Christmas Market

We got together with Katia to make fudge. She has fond memories of eating fudge in the US and wanted to know how to make it. For lunch we had oatmeal and fudge with tea. It’s always fun cooking with her. Andrew was there supervising of course 🙂

Still aboard the raclette train, we got together with Nava and his family to dine on the delicious cheese. We ordered way too much cheese and we’re still eating on it to this day. We were all pretty miserable by the end of the meal, but happy, right? Emma drew our portraits. That was hilarious and she actually did a pretty good job.

One of Andrew’s beers for the beer advent called for a mini gourmand for pairing. We didn’t pair all of the beers, but it was nice that they gave us ideas.

12.14-beery christmas

Christmas Eve morning! We picked up our Bûche de Noël from the boulangerie. Ours was made with marron and cassis. Yummy way to start our day 🙂

On Christmas Day, I went to Frame to have lunch with Andrew. I don’t have pictures of the meal other than the bûche he made. He did a nice job.

12.17-Andrew's Bûche de Noël

The white dog up front is carrying the newspaper in his mouth. Cute! I have to say that the funniest thing we’ve seen so far has been a dog carrying a little bag from the boulangerie. That’s control!

12.18-dog carrying newspaper

Walking around Paris at night and dinner out at an Italian restaurant. In the first photo you can see one of the half-timbered houses.

Our Christmas dinner out this year was at Carte Blanche in the Hotel Baltimore. The meal was just okay (not seasoned well), definitely not worth the price and glad we didn’t pay full price. The dessert was the best thing about the meal. Andrew had heard from his boss that the Executive Chef there is actually the Pastry Chef. Makes sense I guess. You win some, you lose some.

On New Year’s Eve, I went into Frame around 23h15 for dinner. The meal was excellent and I loved their Prohibition theme. Andrew and I both dressed up a little.

After service was over, we went to the speakeasy for a drink and blackjack. Such a fun night! Ready to see what 2018 has in store!!

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