Paris (January-July 2018)

January 2018

We started off the New Year with Andrew’s version of black eyed peas and by the looks of it we were catching up on Top Chef.

1.1-New Year's Day Breakfast

For dinner on New Year’s Day, we had champagne, foie gras, and caviar. Super fancy, I know.

1.2-New Year's Day Dinner

This year for Galette des Rois, Andrew prepared the galette himself! I think he did a pretty good job :). We invited a few friends over to help us celebrate! I did help prepare the food – I made the avocado deviled eggs. Joris is the youngest so he was under the table telling Andrew who gets which slice of cake. No peeking! Stefanie and Roger were our king and queen this year! Our fève was a character from Lucky Luke. We had never heard of Lucky Luke, but it is big over here. Btw, I love the way Lucky Luke is pronounced in French. Lucky Luke is a western comic series created by Belgian cartoonist Morris in 1946. We recognized a lot of the characters since they are based off of real life people (Billy the Kid, Calamity Jane, etc.). One of our friends told us at the party that he has all of the comics and they helped him learn how to read when he was younger. Cool! We also learned at the party that for French people, Pepé Le Pew is an Italian. I thought that was pretty funny.

The flood (la crue) is back!

February 2018

Andrew’s boss, Alain, got us tickets to visit Europain. I was touched that he got me one too. We didn’t really know what to expect, but we found that it is about much more than just bread. The art that they create out of food is amazing! Plus seeing all of the equipment and packaging that you can get nowadays is impressive.

As we were leaving the event, we realized that it had started snowing! Yippee!!

2.2-europain12-now snow

Once we got home, we high-tailed it over to the Eiffel Tower to shoot some photos. We didn’t know how long the snow would actually stick around. Andrew has kept saying that he didn’t want to leave until he saw Paris covered in snow. Now it has happened so what will we do?

The next morning I decided to go for a walk to get more pictures of the snow that had stuck around for longer than expected. I have to admit that it was pretty magical to see Paris covered in snow and paired with the flooded river. The sidewalks were treacherous since it seems that they aren’t equipped to deal with the snow/ice, but I made it! On my walk along the river, a guy passed by me in skis! That was hilarious!

Joris turned 30 this year!! Joyeux anniversaire! Caro had a party for him at their place. We’re definitely not much for parties, but it is always good to see them.

2.13-joris bday

Andrew’s work holiday party this year was a western theme. I was kicking myself for taking my cowboy boots back home in 2015. We tried to fit the theme as best we could without buying anything new. We broke the rules and took pictures with their decorations. Pretty soon everyone was doing it haha. It was fun for a work party. Our friend, Geoff, won employee of the year!

Andrew had been reading about Cédric Grolet’s desserts that look like fruit, so we decided to check out the fancy, expensive desserts. They were pretty cool, but at €22 a pop, I don’t think we’ll be going that often. We had to go to Le Meurice hotel to get them, so maybe that’s why they were so expensive. I’ve watched a friend’s kids there and the room service is outrageously high!

At the end of February, we went to the Salon de l’agriculture at Porte de Versailles. It was fun trying all the different foods around France and the territories. Our friend told us later that he’s never been and that it is just a way for city people to see farm animals. Haha. That’s probably true, but we had a good time anyway. Not sure if we’ll go again though.

March 2018

It snowed again in March! I was so excited to take my friend’s dog, Dougal, to the park! He loves the snow. However, once we got to the park it was closed due to the “weather”. What the hell??

Andrew loves these signs. I feel like we’re always seeing new ones.


It is so much fun catching up with Gem!

3.4-gem chat

Date night out at NOLA. I loved the restaurant décor and the food was okay. It’s next to the canal so that’s nice.

3.5-date night

L’arc de ciel! Rainbow!


I love this street art. I wonder if it is the same person that did it in Lyon or if someone else was inspired by them?

3.7-street art

April 2018

Storm coming? Probably not…the skies often deceive me here.

4.1-storm coming...maybe

We went out to Fort d’Aubervilliers to try to see if we could find Marie Curie’s old workshop. It would be all sealed off due to potential radiation worries, but we were unsuccessful in finding it anyway. I realize that this might not seem like the brightest of ideas, but people live right around there so surely it is okay? However, that suburb of Paris is a bit run down/poor. So maybe I’m contradicting myself. Felt a little post-apocalyptic (I wish I’d taken photos), but the soccer field was in pristine condition! Priorities… We did spot this nice mural on our walk back.

4.2-mural after walking to aubervilliers

There are beautiful sunsets here from time to time.


Andrew’s friend (and now my friend) from Zimzala, Jennifer, came to visit Paris with her husband, Peter. We had them over for dinner and Catan! Andrew made her a birthday cake (his version of Opera).

4.4-game night bday dinner

I love this park near our place!

4.5-our park

We did a bit of walking around with Jennifer and Peter the next day. We took them to the artist studios and also spotted this phallic railing.

We had dinner that night at L’aubergeade. I thought it was pretty good! Jennifer thought the younger waiter was rude, but I guess I’m just use to the service here. I don’t expect much anymore. I also don’t really tip anymore either.

4.8-bday dinner

May 2018

We hosted our friends, Margaret and Guillaume for a dinner at our place. The menu was as follows:

Entrée: Spring rolls with matcha noodles, pickled mango, and veggies (carrot, courgette, and concombre)
Plat: Salmon, avocado wasabi yogurt, green apples, fresh peas, and sliced chili pepper over rice
Dessert: Watermelon, tomato, and strawberry salad with sweet basil pesto and feta

Andrew did a pretty good job!

The next day we had Caro and Joris over for Catan and Andrew made me a birthday cake!

5.4-my bday cake and catan

June 2018

I love this cat we sometimes see on the walk to/from Andrew’s work. Such a personality. Oh and the window was slightly cracked one day so we touched paw to finger.

6.1-love this cat

I ordered a truffle beer for Andrew’s birthday month! He liked it!!

6.2-truffle beer for andrew's bday

When we do want a bit of the American connection, we go to Starbucks. Andrew hates going because the coffee isn’t that great. It’s hilarious though because they rarely get his name right haha.

I rolled up our carpet to help keep the apartment cool for the summer, or is that what I’ve done?

6.5-rolled up the carpet for the summer

July 2018

I cut off my hair for the summer! I already miss the length, but it will be so much better for la canicule (the heatwave)!

Le 14 juillet! Always a great show from the 10th floor of the Pullman! This year we video chatted with Andrew’s parents to show them the fireworks!

7.3-le 14 juillet

The next day, France played in the World Cup final and they won! This was Andrew’s ride home from work that night! Still celebrating!! Click here to watch the video. The next day I saw that they had put a French flag in the hand of the statue at Fontaine Saint-Michel.

7.5-france wins

It’s always fun spotting street art in Paris. The first is at Pont Neuf and the other is on Île aux Cygnes (the island with the smaller Statue of Liberty).

That’s all for now! Catch you later!

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