UK (London, Woodcote, Oxford, & Wallingford) – May 2018

We took a short trip to the UK to visit some friends of mine that I had met in California while volunteering at the bay. We were also going to meet up with some friends that had just moved to … Continue reading

Scotland – September 2017

Scotland has to be one of our favorite places that we have visited so far. It was beautiful and the people were so nice. I know that can easily be said about many places and I’m sure it’s true, but … Continue reading

Surviving Iceland – November 2016

Before our visit to Iceland, one thing would always come to mind when I thought of that country (besides the volcano that erupted and disrupted air travel) and that would be when the Mighty Ducks faced off against Iceland in the 1994 … Continue reading

Prague & Kraków Adventure – August 2016

Summer holidays were upon us! We decided to travel this time to Prague and Kraków. On our walk from the metro station in Prague to our flat we saw the babies on the city’s television tower. Okay? That night we … Continue reading

Copenhagen, Denmark / København, Danmark – July 2016

We escaped to Copenhagen to celebrate our 5 years of marriage! I guess I shouldn’t call it escaping because Paris is a pretty good place to live (actually I’ve liked every place we have lived so far). We met a … Continue reading