Prague & Kraków Adventure – August 2016

Summer holidays were upon us! We decided to travel this time to Prague and Kraków. On our walk from the metro station in Prague to our flat we saw the babies on the city’s television tower. Okay? That night we … Continue reading

Bruges, Belgium / Brugge, België – September 2015

We decided to book a last minute trip to Bruges, Belgium.  I had heard that this place was what fairytales were made of!  Plus we had just watched the movie “In Bruges” and were very excited to see it in … Continue reading

Paris & Ireland – May 2015 – avec mes beaux-parents et mon mari

The date is May 15, 2015, and it is a big day for 2 reasons.  First and foremost, this is the day that marks one year in Paris for me!  Andrew passed his one year mark back in March.  This … Continue reading