Seoul – October 2018

The flight from Osaka to Seoul was pretty good. We flew with Peach airline. This was the view of Seoul from the airplane. Welcome to Korea! On the bus from the airport to the city center. We missed our bus … Continue reading

Paris (January-July 2018)

January 2018 We started off the New Year with Andrew’s version of black eyed peas and by the looks of it we were catching up on Top Chef. For dinner on New Year’s Day, we had champagne, foie gras, and … Continue reading

Lisbon – March 2015

I’m really not used to Andrew having this much time off.  Believe me, he still works a lot when he is at work, but employees get time off and are expected to take it.  This is a check in the … Continue reading

Coffee in Paris, Sacré-Cœur, Père Lachaise, the Catacombs, and more!

In late August, a friend of a friend visited Paris.  This wonderful person (goes by the name of Albert) was transporting a bag of Kéan Coffee’s delicious beans to us.  We were so grateful – Andrew and I really miss … Continue reading