The Road Trip That Keeps On Going!

We were on our way to Dallas!  On our way, we came across this highway sign and I had to stop and take a picture.  Andrew and I had our first date on January 23rd!  I know…barf…  I guess it’s silly for us to be obsessed with the #23, but we are 🙂


I was still craving Mexican food, so we made a pit stop at Rogelio’s Restaurant in San Marcos, TX.  The food was pretty good overall.


There was a lovely picture outside the restaurant.  Gem was a little obsessed with it…you’ll have to ask her why 🙂


After lunch, we got back on the road to Dallas.  Did I show you our riding buddy yet?  Gizmo was pretty good on the road.


We booked our hotel room for Dallas the night before (we didn’t want a repeat of what happened in San Antonio).  Once we checked in (we stayed at the Crowne Plaza Downtown Dallas), we headed to meet my cousin Pat and my former co-worker Chau at Rodeo Goat in Fort Worth.  image

Gem and I hit traffic on the way there, so I text Pat a picture of Chau and Chau a picture of Pat so they would recognize one another when they arrived (since I knew we would not beat them to the restaurant).  I know I’m a dork.

It was nice to see Pat and Chau.  I hadn’t seen Pat since my wedding (2011) I think and Chau since his wedding which I think was back in 2006!


For dinner I had the Sugar Burger and a Texas Craft Draft (Revolver Blood & Honey).  Both were pretty tasty!  Gem had purple drank (which is creepin behind my burger).


Afterwards, Gem and I headed back to the hotel.  We decided to walk around for a bit since we were pretty full.  Our hotel was not too far from where JFK was assassinated, so we decided to walk down there to see the area at night when it is less crowded.  When we were looking around we met a few others that were doing the same thing.  One of the guys was from Dallas.  He started telling us all about Dallas, including the courthouse where Lee Harvey Oswald was shot. image

He also took us over to Pioneer Plaza with the giant statues of a cattle drive.  Gem rode one!  image

Dallas is cool after hours 🙂


It was fun making new friends that night!


The next morning, we went back down to see the JFK assassination spot, courthouse, and book depository during the day.


And we also visited The Book Depository (where they thought the shot was fired from) and took the audio tour.  I definitely recommend doing that, very interesting.

For lunch that day we split a Whataburger.  It was okay.  I think I’m partial to In-N-Out 🙂 image

Our next destination was Mary and Bryan’s place in Pocola, OK.  I was finally going to meet Wyatt and baby Emily for the first time!  They are both such cute kids!  Wyatt is full of energy and definitely prefers to be outside than inside lol.


Wyatt really likes his rocking horse!


Megan was there to eat dinner with us.  The only thing I regret about this stop is that I didn’t get a picture with Mary and her husband, Bryan…I don’t know what I was thinking.

After dinner, we followed Megan back to her house in Ft. Smith and decided to head to Papa’s for a drink.


I hadn’t been there in years!  Brian (Megan & Mary’s brother) came by after work to have a drink with us too!


The next morning, we stopped by Megan’s work to check it out and say goodbye one more time.  She works in a nice location, very good setup.  I brought her some cookies, but I’m not sure if she ate them 🙂

Now we were on our way to Oklahoma City to see Shelly and the kids!  Before we went to the house we had lunch at Whiskey Cake!  Andrew’s friend, Kenny, is the Executive Chef there.  The food was delicious…and we ordered way too much!  Check out this feast! image

The waitress told us “good job” for finishing everything…I’m not sure we should have been congratulated lol.  After lunch, Kenny’s sous chef gave us a tour of the kitchen and we got to see the garden out front.


We headed over to Shelly’s house to hang out with the family for a bit.  The kids played in the garage and outside with all of their different toys.  They have some pretty cool stuff. image

Chloe tried to show Gem and I how to pogo stick…we didn’t do very well, but it was fun trying. image

Cooper was fascinated with Gem’s ukulele 🙂 As were most people on this trip.  image

After playing outside, we went inside and played Super Mario Brothers with the kids.  I hadn’t played for a long time and never on the Wii, but it was a lot of fun!

Later that night we headed over to visit Kenny and Lindsay at their place.  We visited with them for a while and filled them in on how Andrew was doing.  Kenny told me that he was very proud of Andrew, which really means a lot to Andrew and me.  Before we left their place, I had Kenny and Lindsay take a picture with Gizmo as requested by Andrew.


It was good to see them both, I had thought it might feel weird just me (and Gem) hanging out with them (since I had only seen them a few times), but it was like we were old friends seeing each other again.

The next morning, we got up to see the kids off to school and I also forced Shelly to take a picture with me.  She said she wasn’t ready yet, but I think she looked pretty good 🙂 image

And, Shelly’s mom fixed us some eggs 🙂 They were yummy! image

Cooper wanted to play around with my camera that morning.  It was fun having watching him take pictures.  He caught on really fast and did a pretty good job! image

Before leaving the Oklahoma City area, we stopped at Pops (technically in Arcadia) along Route 66.  If you love soda or pop or soda pop or whatever you call it, then definitely stop by this place!  So many different selections!


After leaving Pops we headed to see my cousin (Cecilia) in Mannford, OK!  However, I will save that adventure for my next post.  Have a glorious day!


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